Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Moving in general is one of the greatest stressors in the list. Moving cities adds an additional dimension. When it comes to moving countries, a whole new aspect comes into play. No longer is it the same mentality, the same kinds of shops or stores, the same politics, the same language and culture, but everything is different.

Making Aliya is different and yet has a very high component of stress and change. When a Jew moves from the diaspora to Israel, this is regarded as making Aliya. Here, as with a move to another country, everything is different. The language, the types of buildings, stores, post office, everything changes. Yet, there is an aspect that is key and central. An aspect of culture that is the same and uniting.

Suddenly, when it comes to Purim, Pesach, Sukkot, any of the Jewish festivals, suddenly there is an incredible sense of belonging. Here, not only is the Yom Tov observed by most, but it is also a time of "National Holiday".

It is here in Israel that one unites on all sorts of levels. Walking through the streets of Israel or going on a tour, it is easy and common to come across the very same places that our Matriarchs, Patriarchs and our Sages visited. The very places spoken of in our Torah.

Even with the richness of our heritage, Aliya is hard. Though some welcome Olim with open arms and are very excited to hear of another Jew returning, there are others who do all that they can to help you to go through the same difficulties they did. Olim will often come across obstacles and hurdles, closed doors and difficulties.

This blog is to share experiences and useful tips in an effort to pave the way towards a greater Welcome for Olim. To ease the road for other Jews coming home, so that we can all be a part of the awesome process of building Israel and readying ourselves for the ultimate goal, of Moshiach and our Final Temple.

If you have made Aliya or are considering doing so, please send in your comments. Let us know what helped you to be successful here in Israel. Let us know what helps you to stay here. Why have you chosen to return to Israel, now at this time. What can you share that will offer hope and inspiration to other Olim and to those considering returning to the Land of Israel. The Land promised to the descendants of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov.

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