Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Networking Opportunity for South Africans in Israel

If you are South African and are considering Aliya, have made Aliya, are in the process of making Aliya, do join this exciting Yahoo Group. It has been set up specifically to increase networking amongst South Africans in Israel.

The group is South Africans in Israel Job Exchange - SAIJE
The idea behind the group is to strengthen and assist South Africans making Aliya to be successful in Israel. How?

If, for example, you have the need for a plumber, you of course have many options of plumbers to use. By posting on SAIJE and responding to posts on this group, you can give work to a South African plumber, thus helping him to have the opportunity to be financially independent in Israel. In addition the SA plumber is enabled to continue working in the profession or trade he is skilled in and accustomed to.

The same is true if you need a secretary, tutor, doctor, lawyer, therapist, editor or indeed any other kind of service.

In addition to this, the latest trend in becoming successful in business is networking. How can we do this? By connecting with like-minded people, hence fellow South Africans in Israel. In this way, even if you dont need a service provider right now, perhaps you will in the future. Or perhaps you will be chatting to a friend and discover that they need exactly the service you just happened to see posted today, yesterday, the day before, even last week.

We are told that living in Israel is difficult. Let us make it easier by uniting and helping fellow Olim from South Africa.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming your interaction on this great Yahoo Group. Together we can ease the process of making Aliya.

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