Friday, 13 November 2009


Great news to everyone in Israel. If you are looking to do business with overseas clients, whether through a web page, blog or any other means, Paypal – as of this afternoon 13 November 2009– is fully compatible with Israeli banks!

For the past year or so, Paypal have allowed Israelis to be able to receive funds via their credit card with a steep 22 NIS fee. As of today, if you withdraw 1000 shekels at a time directly into your bank account, there is absolutely no fee at all!

What does this mean practically? For one thing, if you are interested in using the Internet as a means to reach out to the world in order to increase your income, you can do so easily by setting up items to sell on your web page or blog with an "Add to Cart" button (or the like.) Those clicking on it will be able to purchase directly from you via credit card or a direct transfer from their own Paypal funds.
For another thing, if you are struggling in Israel and are in need of having someone transfer funds to you directly via a donate option, you can simply set up a donate button on your web page or blog. Those clicking on it will be able to make a donation and you'll be able to transfer this to your bank account directly to reach you from between 3-5 business days – at absolutely no cost at all (so long as you withdraw the minimum 1000 shekel, otherwise there is an 8 shekel fee.)

For those who assist others, one can simply put a post on your website or blog, explaining the cause withe a donate button for them to have an easy means of sending money to the cause of their choice.
This is a HUGE milestone in Israeli business and banking, and we can really appreciate the value that Paypal have now added to all of us by allowing us this very easy way of allowing for the possibility of bringing in income from overseas – quickly!

Those wishing to set up their Paypal accounts and don't know what to do can contact Eliyahu directly for more information.

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