Tuesday, 10 November 2009

To all Olim and A-1 Visa holders

Effective 15 October 2009, two changes have been put in place by Ministry of Finance (Meches) regarding tax rights:

1 – An Oleh Hadash can now sell a car imported or bought with rights after four years (instead of five) without owing the difference in taxes. The procedure for "releasing" the car from Meches is the same.

2 – A holder of an A-1 Visa no longer has rights for tax-free import or purchases.

3 – An Oleh Hadash who was an A-1 Visa Holder in the past and used rights can not use them again. If partial rights were used, Meches can be petitioned for the use of rights not used. If no rights were used, rights will be applied as Oleh Hadash from the date of becoming Oleh Hadash.

Please note the Meches website is not yet updated. For more information, you can call Meches directly.

Tzvi (Henrique) Szajnbrum can be found at:

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