Thursday, 17 December 2009

WARNING - Be Careful of Israeli Salesmen

Dear Olim Chadashim

If you are going to purchase ANYTHING, whether it is a cell phone or computer or home or anything else, make sure you receive a contract in your own home language and DO NOT sign anything on the spot. Take the contract, have a lawyer look it over and make sure you both agree with and agree to everything that is written prior to signing.

This could also be a job. If you are offered a job by an Israeli that sounds wonderful, make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of your new job. If you are being asked to work x amount of hours, ask them how many additional hours unpaid you will be expected to work. Make sure on what date you will be paid. Make sure your contract states whether you will receive sick leave pay, holiday leave pay and any other benefits, including Bituach Leumi.

It could be a bank calling to talk you into a loan or other so called special. Make sure you know what all the terms and conditions are and what the percentage of interest is. If you don't need a loan or are not given the time to think it over, and don't receive something in writing, don't take it.

We have had difficulties with numerous situations of various kinds in which the sales person has insisted on speaking only in Hebrew and described how wonderful the machine or contract would be only to discover the reality is very very different once the contract is signed.

Be careful. Don't fall into the same trap we have. Don't believe any NICE sales talk. Check out the facts over and over. If you are otherwise occupied or your spouse is not available for you to check out if you agree with what is being offered, save yourself the time and headache and just end the call or the door to door salesman's visit. If they wont give you the time to check the contract then chances are there is a problem with the contract.

If you have any questions please send us a message, join the Israel consumer's yahoogroup and you are welcome to consult with the lawyer who posts our Legal Guest Posts.


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