Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bituach Leumi - the outcomes of applying for help.

If you are a Jew who is eager to work or his or her middos, then Israel is certainly the place for you.

If your challenge is patience, faith and Ahavas Yisrael (loving your fellow Jew), you will do very well with trying out Bituach Leumi.

Have you ever seen what happens to a ball of wool, all neatly rolled up and placed in a basket, then along comes a cat and decides to play. The ball of wool somehow changes its form. You might come back, eager to begin knitting or crocheting or some other creative pursuit with your beautiful ball of wool and suddenly, woops, the cat decided a different design was in order.

Going through the Bituach Leumi system is rather like that. You might have in mind that you will bring in your documents, carefully complete whatever forms they require, hand it in, receive your answer or money or whatever and everyone is happy. But, Bituach Leumi usually has a different plan.

When I worked in a hospital and was part of the process to evaluate whether a disability grant was indicated or perhaps work rehabilitation would be a better option; perhaps some compensation while work rehabilitation is taking place. There was a system. There were forms to complete, evaluations to carry out, everything worked well when all those in the process did their job correctly. It is really quite straight forward and should not take too long either.

But computers are funny objects, somehow they require a human being to enter information and one hopes that the information will be entered correctly and remain as it was given.

For some reason that I don't understand, the process seems quite straight forward, but, if you find yourself in a place of needing some help from Bituach Leumi, prepare yourself for a road that is neatly set out to test your middos. Be ready to complete the same forms over and over and over again. Be ready to keep your cool, remain patient and go through the process when they suddenly come back with your work history becoming your husbands and vise versa.

On our guest posts you will see the legal side of how things SHOULD take place. Take a deep breath, daven (pray) really hard every moment, give some tzeddakah or maybe a lot and if you get through the process with the result you intended, know that it was a miracle. I would even say an open miracle, an absolute Gift from G-d.

Israel runs on miracles. The best advice we can give is take every situation as an opportunity to improve who you are and notice every achievement as the Hand of G-d coming down to help you directly.


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