Friday, 16 April 2010

A Crazy Ban by UK on Advertising of Jerusalem

What country in the world has to listen to others dictating that their most important places can not be featured in advertising of to tourists?

Yet, today we find: ".....The bottom line - Israel can no longer feature Jerusalem's Old City, including the Western Wall, as part of its tourist advertising campaigns in the UK." This is from an article found on Honest Reporting. Click on the link for further details.

Just a few days ago we celebrated Yom HaShoah, the day comemorating the Holocaust. It is a painful memory that when shiploads of Jews who had finally escaped a living nightmare reached the shores of the Holy Land of Israel, the UK sent the ships away from the land where they belong. 

Now the UK has the audacity to ban Israel from including the Western Wall in part of advertising campaigns in UK.

The truth is that the connection between Jerusalem, the Land of Israel, the Jewish people and G-d can not be split apart. G-d promised us the Final Redemption, including our Temple on Temple Mount and ALL of Jerusalem and ALL of Israel.

The Jewish Nation has outlived all other nations that attempted to suppress us. Our doing so is a powerful message. We can not live without our G-d or Jerusalem, the city we face daily in our prayers. 

Are we independent if we would permit other nations to dictate to us what is or is not Israel? Only G-d can describe for us the boundaries of the Land of Israel and this He has already done.

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