Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hachnasat Kallah - Helping Brides In Need

Last week we interviewed a young couple for our Bayit Chadash Project  
We have a questionnaire / interview that we follow and the project does have Letters of Approbation.

This particular couple came to us a few weeks after their wedding. Thank G-d they have both married young and are now beginning their Shanah Rishona together. Yet, instead of the radiance and happiness one would expect on newly weds faces, we noticed the lines and expressions of stress. Why?

In order to keep up with societies dictates, they ran up bills amounting to close to NIS 40 000.
We were able to give a gift of something to off set this debt and certain items towards the new house, thanks to donations (both monetary and items) sent in to our project. However, we became aware of a deeper need.

This couple both came from families unable to provide a wedding. Understandably, they wanted their day to be special, and hence ran up bills, bills and more bills.

Over a series of posts, we will, bli neder (without a vow) be offering advise to Olim that is necessary for making a wedding in Yerushalayim. Information related to Kashrut, music and more. We will also offer tips on how to keep your wedding special and reduce on costs.

Anyone wishing to make a donation towards our Bayit Chadash - Wedding Project, please make a donation here, or via the website (follow the link on the words Bayit Chadash)

If you have a service and are able to either provide gift vouchers with a reduction to needy Kallot or other reductions or gifts, please be in touch too. 

Thank you for your kindness. As Rabbi Fishel Jacobs wrote at the bottom of his letter of approbation, "There is great merit to sponsor Bayit Chadash (New Home). The merit of such contributions is unfathobable. I vigorously urge the public to support this effort.

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