Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Purity with Dignity - Sad News and Appeals

Over the last 2 days some distressing news has come our way regarding women's Mikvaot in Jerusalem and surrounding area.

The first was the notification that one of the Mikvaot in Jerusalem has installed a slot machine with metal turnstyle at the entrance. Women have to pay in the machine in order for the turn style to let them in. This is similar to what is used in the mens Mikvaot and also the public toilets. However, the result is that if a woman does not have the means to pay her entrance fee, she can no longer quitely explain her situation to the Mikvah Lady and receive permission to go in and pay later, she now has to embarrass herself by calling through the metal bars that she cant pay. Torah forbids us to to anything that will cause embarrassment to our fellow Jew.

We are appealing to you to make a contribution to our Mikvah Project - Purity with Dignity to assist any women so that they will not come to be embarrassed G-d forbid when going to fulfill and improtant Mitzvah.

The second piece of distressing news was a break in to a women's Mikvah. The thiefs stole all that was in the kupah. The Balanit of the Mikvah requested that the outstanding debts to the Mikvah can be covered as they now have additional expenses.

Please give generously. Our fellow Jewish women here in Israel need your help so that they can continue to fulfill the mitzvah of Family Purity with Dignity.

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