Thursday, 3 June 2010

Har HaMenuchot

After a week with distressing news, it is time to re-focus and visit the graves of Tzaddikim. This particular trip we went to HarHaMenhuchot in Jerusalem. This particular cemetery is situated just beyond Givat Shaul.

The name means Har (Mount or Mountain) HaMenuchot (of resting - Menucha is rest), the "ot" at the end of the word represents plural, ie many are resting.

In the image above one can see why it might have such a name. With beautiful trees surrounding the graves, this really is a place of rest. In this image one sees the view of Har Nof in the distance. From the other side one can look towards the hills of Ramot direction.

As we came out of the "house" or tomb over the grave of the Chida, one meets this view. The stop sign is presumably to give direction to drivers in cars. However it has been rotated slightly, giving a powerful message. It almost tells us "Stop! Enough!! - Choose Life"

Coming out of the building that "houses" Rav Ashlag's grave, I noticed the image seen above. It caught my attention. With graves and graves going up the hills and on the top - Eitz Chaim or is it leading to Gan Eden seen with the few trees. Either way the light provided an interesting addition to this powerful message.

Aside from connecting with the Tzaddikim and davening in their merit for goodness and peace for Am Yisrael, visiting a cemetery or graveside is supposed to humble a person. It helps us to remember that we came from but a drop and will return to dust and worms. It helps us remember what is important in life. The words on the top of this gravestone perhaps sum it up.
"Happy is the man who fears Hashem, he desires His commandments"

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