Thursday, 8 September 2011

Animals, Pets and Agriculture in Israel

For those who are interested in nature, pets, agriculture etc, Israel does have an SPCA and a Miinstry of Agriculture and Rural Development. If you are interested in farming, having pets, growing your own fruits and vegetables or anything else in this area, it is worthwhile to take a look at:
SPCA ISRAEL  or be in touch at  
159 Herzel St. Tel-Aviv
Tel: (+972) 3 5136500

Contact phone: 03- 9688901

The links given here are to the English pages. You can practise your Hebrew by reading the pages in Hebrew too.

If you have concerns about the pets of neighbours and whether they are being treated correctly, become informed as to what is regarded as Cruelty to Animals. If need be, the SPCA will help you decide whether they should investigate further and either educate the neighbours or take away the pets.

Please note: Cruelty to animals is forbidden by the Torah. 

A few useful Hebrew words:

Agriculture is Chakalot or חקלאות
Ministry is Misrad or משרד
Animals are Balei Chaim or בעלי חיים
Pets are Chayut Machmad or  חיות מחמד
Cruelty to animals is Tzar Baalei Chaim צער בעלי חיים
Worthwhile or beneficial is Kedai כדאי

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