Monday, 28 November 2011

Do YOU Write Press Releases?

We are needing a series of Press Releases written to get into Jewish Publications so as to promote some of the services and Chessed Projects we are involved in.

If you are an Oleh or Olah, preferrably from South Africa or Rhodesia / Zimbabwe originally, and you write Press Releases, please be in touch. The person we select to write these must have contacts with Jewish Publications to get the Press Releases into and have examples of previous work to show us.

If this sounds like something you can do, please email us with:
  • Your years of experience in this field
  • Where you currently reside
  • Where you made Aliyah from
  • When you made Aliyah
  • Your fee
  • Examples of your work
  • Previous Press Releases written
  • Which Jewish Publications you have contacts with
  • Contact information including email, landline, if you have Skype or gmail for an interview or can interview in person
We look forward to hearing from you
Co-Director of Chessed Ve'Emet

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