Sunday, 20 November 2011

Israel, Rain and the Kineret

Shavuah Tov from a rainy Eretz Ysrael.

What a Brachah that there was rain in the Holy Land of Israel over Shabbat.

The weather report stated that in addition to rain there would also be thunder, a special time to say a specific Brachah, on the thunder of course.

Where we are there was lovely rain, but no thunder. I dont know about in the centre of Yerushalayim but up in Tzfat there was thunder as well as rain.

So how does this rain translate practically? Is it helping us to get out of the danger zone with sufficient water supply?

Over the past few days, Israel has received rain, however the water level of the Kineret remains at -213.67m, -67cm below the lower red line.

"How can that be?" one might ask. Let us do a little maths.

Rain over a few days over the whole of Eretz Yisrael must SURELY lead to rise in water level of the Kineret. How can it be the water level has remained the same?

Well the water level only raises when the quantity of water entering the vessel of Lake Kineret exceeds the water usage. Presumably if it has been cold, which it has, then evaporation will be less if at all. But there is still the amount that residents in Israel are consuming.

So keep on Davening, Keep on doing Mitzvos, we have a way to go still to be out of danger in terms of water supply.

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