Monday, 21 November 2011

Rain, Blessing and Currency

Earlier today the sun was shining through, now we are blessed once more with further rain.

Rainfall in its proper time in Israel is in fact a blessing and one that translates to parnassa or money and currency. So we have two issues here
1) Rainfall and the water in Israel and
2) Money and currency

For the first, the past week has seen lovely rainfall in Eretz Yisrael falling mostly in the centre of the country, along the Mediteranian and Mt Hermon. The level of the Kineret is reported by the water authority to have risen 1 cm and by others to have remained the same.

Either way, at least there has not been a drop in water level and the water level is higher than it was last year. But the water authority requests that we do not be fooled. Weather reports predict that dryer weather lies in store.

Of course, being Am Yisrael, we don't rely on predictions but rather use them as a springboard for more action so keep on Davening we are not out of danger yet.

Speaking of Davening, if the rainfall and water in Israel is important to you and you are a Jewish women, please do join our international Tehillim group. We need more Jewish women uniting through Tefillah (and the additonal Torah and Tzeddakah).

Since rain and parnassa (money and income) are interconnected, let's answer a question asked a few times here. We often see people coming to this blog wanting to know the money of Israel. Israel does have its own currency which is Shekkels and Agarot. For some reason American dollars are sometimes also used.

I dont understand why but often apartment prices are quoted in US Dollars. Some business people, such as accountants, will also quote a figure in US dollars. But the truth is, that we have Shekkels and the coins are Agarot, so we really don't need to quote prices in any other currency.

Keep on Davening, learn the Hallachos of honesty in business and put them into practice. Together may we merit to be blessed with all our spiritual and physical needs for the good, a good that is revealed, manifest and visible.

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