Sunday, 11 December 2011

Setting up a New Home in Israel

I asked some friends which household item they regarded as the most important. How would you answer? What do you regard as THE most important household item for YOU?

One friend considered her refrigerator to be the most important, another feels her Shabbat candlesticks is the most important item in her home.

Imagine you are getting married in just 2 weeks. You have a wedding to plan. This is YOUR big day. The day of your dreams. A day you will remember for the rest of your life, G-d willing. Everyone knows the Kallah will need a special dress, her hair to look good, nice new shoes that are comfortable, new underwear, make up to make her look and feel special. The Chatan needs a new suit, new hat, new shirt, a whole new outfit. We need a hall, Chuppah, basic meal at least for guests. Most today want a photographer and at least one musical instrument to help make this day special. What else is needed?

Invitations, a means to get to the hall and home again. Oh wait a minute, did we say HOME again?

Well now, let us presume this couple has somehow managed to get at least the basics of a Jewish Kosher wedding together. The day has been wonderful. There is a car waiting to take them home. The car drives along to the address given. G-d willing somehow they found an apartment to rent.

The Chatan puts the key in the lock and "Viola". Yay, home sweet home. But is it? In the middle of the floor are two pillows and a blanket. The rest of the room is empty. The kitchen is empty, no refrigerator, no stove, no ....

OK, lets presume they paid a little more on rent and rented an apartment that has at least the stove and the refrigerator. Now let us presume they want something to drink. Will it be a nice glass of something cold or perhaps a cup of hot tea.... Hmm, for the first they need a set of glasses and some fruit juice or something in the refrigerator, perhaps even an icecube holder. But it's winter you say. Well then, how about mugs and a kettle, some tea spoons, tea, coffee and sugar, perhaps milk and parev coffee creamer.

Now let us presume they have these basics, where will they sit, on the floor on the two pillows? How about some chairs, a table and a heater since it is winter.

Are you beginning to get the picture? Each of these items costs money. Each of these items is essential. How do you build your new home when Abba is in the next world and your Imma can only cover the basics for day to day living?

When one gets married, it is not just the Chuppah that is important, a whole new home with all the basic necessities is needed.

We have two young couples who have turned to our Bayit Chadash Gemach for assistance to begin their new home. Thus far they have just the two pillows and a blanket for the one couple and a set of linen and an outfit for the other. Yes someone actually donated a set of mugs, we still need the teaspoons. Someone kindly donated a kettle but how about a heater?

How about a vase to put the Kallah's bouquet into. How about a nice table cloth. One couple has a set of sheets, how about some towels.

The wedding is on 29 Kislev and the other on 2 Tevet. That is just 2 weeks away.

Please make a donation to help build these new homes. Please don't leave these couples returning home to an empty room with only two pillows or a set of sheets. Just because one set of mugs was donated, don't think your donation is not needed too. 

Anyone wanting another option? Purchase a lovely gift from our online store and a percentage goes to assist this and other Kallot.

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