Sunday, 8 January 2012

Krembo Chocolate Treats - How They are Made!

A biscuit on the bottom... a mixture of sugar and egg-white on top of that (read: marshmallow), neatly molded, with a layer of (pareve) chocolate surrounding it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't been in Israel long enough! If you're a new Oleh/Olah or a veteran, you'll know about this tasty chocolate treat - called Krembo! It's a composite of two words - "קרם" meaning "cream" and  "בו" meaning "in it". In South Africa, the equivalent treat (not to be confused with knowing it's state of Kashrut) is known as a Sweety Pie, or Beehive (for it's shape apparently!) In Israel there are a couple of manufacturers of this tasty treat, producing it in a few flavours - vanilla and mocha being the most common.

You best keep your eyes out for these delicious chocolates because you'll see them for only around 5 months of the year - during the winter season. They come out around September/October and are stocked up until around the end of February. You can always stock up for another 7 months or so if you have extra room, but don't expect them to be as fresh!

Would you believe that some 50 million of them are consumed each winter?!

If you've ever wondered how they're made - wonder no more! Watch the delightful video clip below and see how your treats are brought to their final form!

Enjoy! And don't forget, if you've bought a box of 40 and found it's not your taste after all, please do send them my way!

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