Friday, 17 February 2012

Considering Working Privately in Israel?

The helping professions are wonderful in theory, but many think it is a golden opportunity to take advantage. If you are considering working privately in Israel, firstly know and understand that you deserve to be paid in full, on time and with no arguments.

Do yourselves a favour and make a policy from the outset that you will only provide a service or treatment once payment is made. Up front, in full. If the client wants extra time they need to agree and pay for additional time before a session goes over the time they have paid for.

Don't fall into the trap of providing an excellent service and then not getting paid.

For those of you considering providing TeleHealth (i.e. a consultation via telephone or Skype) check out the address and telephone number BEFORE you commence a session, especially if you have an agreement that payment will be made on receipt of a statement.

Don't fall into the trap I have. I have had clients maintain it is Pikuach Nefesh and I have to do a house call immediately, afterhours of course. Complete the session and then say, "Thanks that was worth 1000 Shekels or more and now I am not paying". I have had clients state they are embarrassed to come in person, can they work via the phone or Skype and pay on receipt of a statement. Only to discover the phone number they gave no longer works from 1 month ago and 144 does not have them listed at the address they provided.

So do yourself a favour, check out and verrify the information prior to giving a treatment. If the phone number does not work, don't treat them. If the situation is Pikuach Nefesh, someone has to pay for a private session up front. If the situation is that serious that they can not wait to make a payment then let them call the ambulance and go to hospital. 

Remember, every Jew is worth it. The first question you will be asked when you reach Shamayim is were you honest in business. Honesty means to you to. So protect yourself before you begin to work. If you work for another, make sure you have a written contract that is in keeping with labour law. If you work privately, make sure it is payment up front only and always. 


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