Sunday, 12 February 2012

Maternity Allowance in Israel

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The amount of maternity allowance is determined by the amount of months the woman was working prior to giving birth. If you work between 6-10 months you are entitled to 7 weeks of paid maternity leave. For more than 10 months you can have 14 weeks off. The pay you receive will be the same as you would receive if you were working during this time (up to 1,412.50 NIS per day as of 01.01.12) and is subject to the same deductions.  It is paid in the middle of maternity leave.

If the mother gave birth to multiple children (in one birth) she may receive an additional 3 weeks per child � for mothers who are entitled to 14 weeks � and 2 weeks for each child for those entitled to 7 weeks.

Up to half of paid leave can be taken by the mother prior to giving birth (if she worked more than 10 months, 49 days can be taken � if 6-10 months were worked, she can take 24 days prior to birth) and the rest after the birth.

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