Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mishloach Manos to Israel this Purim

               Post written by Azriel Winnett
Do you have good friends and neighbors who deserve only top quality products in their Mishloach
Manos packages this Purim? And of course, they must be attractively wrapped and presented, as befits people of their standing. That’s a given! Another is that, great value notwithstanding, the prices mustn’t overstretch your pocketbook.

Sounds good, you say, but the big problem is, who has the time nowadays to run around searching for suitable food products, and then return home to the laborious task of wrapping the parcels nicely? Certainly not you! Moreover, your problems may be only starting, for on an exciting day that passes only too quickly, how will you get all the finished items into the hands of your friends, some of whom may even be living in another town?

With Purim drawing near, is it time to start panicking? No. not at all! Chesed Ve’Emet, Betar Illit’s own tzedakah and chesed organization, offers a range of highly attractive packages filled with mouth-watering goodies. Besides, your purchase will carry with it a very important bonus. It will be helping to support the Bayit Chadash program, which assists young disadvantaged engaged and newly-married couples to set up a Jewish home. Some of the young people helped up to this point would have simply been unable to marry without Bayit Chadash’s support.

All food products in the various Mishloach Manos packages carry the hechsher of Bedatz Eida Chareidis. If you live in Betar Illit or environs, or are able to visit, you can come to select and collect your package(s) personally. Alternatively, for a small fee, your packages will be delivered on your behalf anywhere in Israel on Purim day (or Shushan Purim in Jerusalem),

Here are sample descriptions of just two of our popular packages:

*A Classic Mishloach Manos basket. This Purim gift contains a packet of biscuits, a packet of crisps, 2 chocolate coated waifer biscuits, a packet of coated peanuts, a packet of sweets, two mini chocolates and 2 chocolate coins. It is packaged in clear cellophane plastic with purple flowers on and an attractive bow. Includes a personalized handmade card with name of recipient. Requests for design are an option.

* A glass rectangular dish with two matching white mugs with green stripes. The mugs are filled
with chocolate coated waferbiscuit and a packet of nuts. There is a small jar of Nescafe coffee and 4 chocolate coins. This Purim gift is attractively packaged in clear cellophane with a bow.

For more Mishloach Manos options and more details please visit: 

Act NOW and avoid disappointment! Please email to secure the packages of your choice and request further information.

A freilichin and uplifting Purim to all! May we merit to witness the final Geulah very soon.

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