Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Phone and Internet Contracts in Israel: Revise Yours Regularly and Save Bigtime!

In Israel, there is a fierce war in the world of communication. Everyone is fighting for your business. When it comes to your phone and Internet contracts, there are a number of very large companies that will do whatever it takes to get your business. One of the phenomena in Israel is the situation of regularly receiving calls from some of the bigger companies Cell C, Orange etc. enticing you to use their service - after all, almost everyone has a cellphone and an Internet connection today. They're assured some success! 

When the call comes, you can be sure that the salesman on the other side will do everything he can to get your business. So much so, if you're of the softer kind of person with good manners, you may find yourself simply not being able to say goodbye. Rest assured, you probably will not be able to - unless you take the deal offered! Otherwise, you'll probably have to hang up at some point in time! One can only wonder why these people are not employed by the banks, giving as much enthusiasm at getting you to buy your own home in Israel - and assisting you with this too! 

So what does this all mean - and translate to, in practical terms? It means that you should never feel the obligation to be stuck with a cell phone or Internet contract for any particular length of time or just because that's how things are! Rather, keep a vigilant look around you all the time and enquire of special deals regularly. Calling the main companies once every 6 months at least - if not more often - may end up saving you a lot of money in the long run! In addition, even if you don't save - you may find yourself with a better phone, a faster Internet connection or a variety of other fancy advantages for the same price you are now paying for your current service!

On the cell phone market there are currently a variety of excellent offers. From the Kosher phone contracts giving you a simple phone that is able to make outgoing calls and accept incoming calls only - at very cheap rates with a fixed amount of free talk time to other Kosher phones and landlines (usually 600 minutes), to contracts which offer the best of smartphones and free unlimited talk time as well as free calls to many countries overseas - there's a great variety of options out there. If you're serious about choosing something which you know is going to last you some time - and be worth it - take off an hour or so and give each of the providers a call asking them what they have to offer. The point you should never forget - is to always sound disillusioned with the available choice and costs (since there is someone you just heard about with a cheaper deal) and put that forward to them! Once you do that, you'll stand in line to be able to get the contract choice you really do want - and at a cost far cheaper than you would have received initially had you simply gone with the option they offered you!

On that note - use this same technique in bringing down the amounts for a current deal you have. There's no need to have to switch providers all the time. On the contrary - if you are happy with who you have already, do everything you can to stay with them, but still get the discount you want! Do some homework every few months (at least once every 6 months) and find a better deal. Then call your current provider and tell them how upset you are, but you simply must leave them. 

Don't worry, they're very sympathetic (because they want your business) and will  now do everything they can to keep you! That's when they'll tell you that you really should have called them earlier because they have had some super duper new deal going on and it's only because they've been so busy with it - that they hadn't called you yet! Now that they have you on the line, they'll share it all with you and get you to "sign" on the dotted line right away. In fact, before the hour is over, you'll suddenly find your current deal bettered by some 20% or more off your current price, or you'll have a faster line, a newer phone or something - anything!

These techniques may also work with regards to banks and arranging better deals with various costs for credit cards etc. but that's for another post to be discussed in more detail!

Remember, with your Internet connection, there are two parties involved, the Sapak - ספק - or Service Provider (ISP - such as Triple C, Netvision, Smile etc.) and the Tashtit - תשתית - the supplier of the actual line to operate the traffic - such as Bezeq. The trick is to make sure you get a deal which links the two in the best possible way. This can often be achieved best by speaking directly with the Tashtit who may well get the Sapak on the line with you to discuss a better deal together - and end up linking them with only one payment made (instead of two separate payments to each provider.)

Bottom line: Everything costs. You won't get away from costs. However, always keep a check of what's going on regularly to ensure you can have the best technology you'd like to at the best possible prices. If you do this, you will at the very least be budgeting in the best way to have the best. If you don't do this, you'll find others talking about deals you can only dream about - as you continue with you 1 Mega line and brick cell phone, at the price you paid for them when you started using them 10 years ago!

Have you had good experiences with companies / services etc. you'd like others to know about? Do you have tips for our readers? Please be in touch with us so that we can post them. Do you offer a particular service that's just out of this world and want to drive the traffic in your direction? Do be in touch with us. We would love to put up an article written by you, or alternatively we will write one up ourselves with the details you provide us. Let's get the word out there about providers who are assisting those making Aliyah to be able to better integrate successfully in Israel, with great service, honest and good prices and quality goods.

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