Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Chessed VeEmet sends Care Packages to our Soldiers


When we heard care packages were needed for our Chayalim, Chessed Ve'Emet wanted to send some through. However, we were unsure how to get supplies to Gaza. It was not long before we received an email of someone taking care packages the next morning. We asked one of the Rabbis who answers Hallachic questions related to our Bayit Chadash Gemach whether toiletries and some grocery items collected for our orphan Kallot can go to our soldiers since we did not have an orphan we were assisting. The Rav confirmed that we could use the toiletries for this purpose and so, without time to package individual gifts, we gathered whatever we had that was suitable and got it to the venue with moments to spare.

The above image shows the boxes of supplies that were sent through.

On our return, we heard of another family who were able to get supplies from our area this time to Golani soldiers. Quickly we began to gather more items and this time arranged them into packages

As lovely as the packages were starting to look, they were missing notes and drawings from kids. So our next task was to find a few families whose children could prepare some drawings and notes to give Chizuk (strength) to our soldiers.

Some of the notes and drawings can be seen in the image below on the left.

The image on the right is of 7 of the packages that went to Golani soldiers.

Packages have included an assortment of much needed toiletries, energy bars, cakes, coffee, tea and other Nosh, Tzitzit provided for one package, notes and drawings and pocket sized Perek Shira.

If anyone would like to contribute either toiletries, notes, drawings, baskets, food items, Tzitzit or money to purchase more items please visit our webpage. On the front page is a photo of a few packages that we are happy to put together. Any donation is much appreciated though the value of these packages came to ₪250 each.  

The fuller packages included:

Shampoo, soap, wipees, toothpaste, dental floss, tooth picks, cotton buds, deodorant, mosquito repellent, energy bars, hand cream, pocket size Perek Shira. We wanted to add but lacked the funds to put in lip balm and sunscreen too. 

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