Friday, 15 August 2014

Yeish Tikvah - a musical reminder with Benny Friedman

Living in such volatile times, here is a music video to give some hope and inspiration. 
Benny Friedman sings for us "Yeish Tikvah"- there is hope. We are not alone. We have one G-d.

Hashem is always with us, watching over us, caring for us, crying with us. As we prepare for Shabbat, take a few moments to listen to this beautiful music with it's upbeat rhythm and remember we have Hashem.

Yeish Tikvah ! We have hope

If you understand Hebrew, enjoy the words that remind us to unite and strengthen our Emunah. If you are just learning Hebrew, this is a wonderful way to do so.

Shabbat Shalom. שבת שלום 

May it be peaceful and rejuvenating. May we all merit the Moshiach and Final Redemption, immediately, without any further delay

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