Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Aliyah Tips - Maintaining Your Committment to the Land

Next in the series of Aliyah tips, we have a few ideas to keep you committed to the Land of Israel. When things get tough, as they do for all at some point, what keeps you motivated? What gives you the drive to stick it out and make Israel your home?

We have ideas of what keeps us committed but we took this again to a FaceBook group and had some amazing responses. 

Once again attitude and ones motivation for coming in the first place play a part. For some, Hashem is what keeps them committed to being here. 

Regarding the current situation, a few mentioned
"Even with (G´D forbid) Piguim and a new Intifada, this is the safest place for Jews to be." (J) 

We had quite a few comments that it is not safe in other parts of the world. A few pointed out that one never knows what will happen anywhere. To a certain extent, if it is ones time to go, then it is time. You could get stabbed in many parts of the world for your wallet or valuables. There could be an array of natural disasters. Anything could happen anywhere. But somehow, most agree that one just feels safe in Israel. 

One Olah shared that she lives in Ashdod. During the summer there were rockets there. It was scary but one knows it will pass. The situation will improve. Keeping this in mind helps us to handle the tough times.

At the end of the day, everyone who is here, living in Israel, agrees that Israel is our home. 

One very special response as to what keeps us committed to being in the land of Israel, was posted as an image and hence we post it here. 

The Beis HaMikdash, our Holy Temple will be rebuilt. By being in the Land of Israel, you get to be here when the change happens and our Temple stands once more.

Please visit again for more Aliyah tips. We have more on the topic of staying committed to being here. We have many other tips too. 

What topic is of interest to you?

If you need some guidance in being here in Israel, do be in touch with Chessed Ve'Emet. We'd love to hear from you and discuss which of our services can assist you in your path to be successful in the land where we belong.

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