Thursday, 13 November 2014

Send a 3D Selfie to Family Overseas!!!

Just when it seemed like "selfies" were the in thing - it seems that a new technology is on the arise - and Israel is in the forefront. The two young men in the video are pioneering a project to make this new technology a lot more affordable for everyone.

What does all that mean? It means being able to have a 3D photo taken of you, allowing an exact "mini-me" replica of you and your family which you can either keep yourself (if you'd prefer looking at it rather than in the mirror,) or sending to friends (who you know probably can't get enough of looking at you,) or even to family - who may in fact enjoy having a new "photo" of you on the piano or other piece of furniture!

Enjoy the video and be a part of helping these young men achieve their goal! Check out their work here - 3DUSelf

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