Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter in Israel: The Dangers of Using a Hot Water Bottle! (Video Included)

You'll know that winter in Israel is a very cold time for us all! There are a variety of ways you can choose to stay warm - including appropriate clothing, gloves, a scarf and maybe even a good quality head covering. When you're outdoors - that's basically what will keep you warm. You'll also need a good quality coat. Make sure to do a look-around before buying in a hurry! There are a variety of good quality jackets and coats around and they can cost a lot. Make sure to try on your clothing and see that you feel comfortable in it. Garments shouldn't feel too tight (you need to breath!) and likewise should not be too lose (they'll be falling off all the time and not seal in the warmth!) Make sure to choose a good store and find a sales person who will listen to you and your needs.

When you get in to your apartment and especially during the cold evenings, you're going to be considering a variety of warming facilities. We'll try to explore options in a later post. Having heard so many people being excited by using a hot water bottle, I really just wanted to share this video with everybody. Yes, a hot water bottle will set you back just ₪15 or so, and takes just a kettle of boiled water to make you feel snug - hot water bottles are dangerous. Everybody needs to educate themselves about the dangers of this innocent looking piece of equipment - before making use of it.

Suggested guidelines for using the bottle (if you feel you simply cannot do without it!) include:
  • Never fill it entirely to the top
  • Fill it no more than half way - and preferably even less than that (a third decreases the risk of danger.)
  • Make sure to squeeze out any additional air that exists between the water and the lid of the bottle. Avoid all air bubbles inside the bottle!
  • Never fill it with the water that has just been boiled from the kettle, but waiti until it has cooled down (making you wonder if it will actually keep you warm!)
  • Never rest your head upon it
  • Never sleep with it hugged on your body

At best, place the bottle in your bed to warm the bed slightly before getting in - and then remove the bottle before sleeping. You may wish to consider purchasing a sheepskin under-sheet for real warmth. It is an amazing source of warmth!

Ideally - in fact, avoid using the bottle for warming purposes. The dangers far outweigh the advantages. The video below clarifies just how dangerous the bottle can be. If you're cold - consider some other options such as using an additional blanket wrapped around you or a good quality heater - which must also be treated with respect. We'll try to look at these options (and their costs) in another post.

Yes - just ₪15 - but with the dangers involved - ask yourself if it's really worth it!

Do forward this post to friends you know who may stand to gain by understanding the dangers of the hot water bottle.

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