Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Next Step in the Process of Our Book

Each day there is a new development in the progress of our new book. Yesterday we had an offer to begin selling our book in a bookstore in Tzfat. Stay tuned for details as to when it will be available in Tzfat. 

Today we have another development. We have received the translation of our book into Hebrew. The amazing thing about social networking is that as we print out the pages and read the Hebrew version, we are in touch with Dana Baum, our translator who is providing some fascinating insight into the choice of the level of Hebrew she used.

For those who wondered if our book will be available in Hebrew, we are excited to let you know that we are a whole lot closer to the Hebrew version being available.

Once we have finished reading the translated copy, our next step will be to begin the process of formatting it into manuscript form to be printed as a book. This will include inserting the Nikudot, for which we still need the appropriate software.

It is quite amazing to think when I made Aliyah, I knew the Alef Beit and a few words but hardly anything more. Now we are contributing to a book in Hebrew for kids with the same in English. OK, we did not do the translation, but we are reading the translation and understanding it, together with gaining more vocabulary. Aliyah is full of surprises. If you had told me when I was preparing to come to Israel that we'd produce a kids book in Hebrew, I'm not sure I would have believed it to be possible.

Stay tuned for the next step in the process to promoting our book and helping you the reader to know where to obtain it. 

Have a blessed day

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Will Tuvia Finds His Freedom be Available in Hebrew?

Someone asked if our new book "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" will be available in Hebrew or only in English. We had another inquiry as to how we intend to reach Israeli kids if the book is in English.

I am happy to say we have an answer for both of these questions.

Our book is in the process of being translated into Hebrew. In fact, we recently received the following message from our friend Dana Baum who is doing our translation.
"Hi Shoshana, good news - I'm almost finished translating"

We look forward to letting everyone know when the translation will be complete. Once the book is translated we do, of course, have to make sure the formatting is the same as the English version. We have a bit of work still ahead of us. But yes, with Hashem's help, the book will be available in Hebrew as well as in English.

For those who would like to support this process, please visit our crowd fundraiser and make a contribution. All donations are most welcome. There are costs involved and we appeal to you to help us meet this goal.


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