Sunday, 30 September 2012

A Mini Tornado destroys Sukkot

Sukot is a special time for Am Yisrael and a time we are tested as to whether we will be in the Sukkah in all weathers. Even during Elul Eretz Yisrael was busy, busy building their Sukkot.

We decided to wait until Friday, Erev Shabbat, to make sure no wind or other weather would affect our Sukkah. We were nearly ready and eager for the coming Chag.

But Hashem had other plans. He huffed and He puffed and sent a mini tornado through the area. Below you will see the damage to our Sukkah and some of our neighbours.

Thank G-d no-one was in any of the Sukkot when the wind tore through, but we have just hours before Sukkot begins and our Sukkah is irreparable. Our neighbours are busy re-building. For us, the metal frame is broken and dangerous to re-assemble. If anyone can assist towards obtaining a new Sukkah please it is urgent as Yom Tov is fast approaching.

If you can assist, a new Sukkah will probably cost NIS 2000.

1 comment:

  1. Shoshana...Oh my goodness............ I'm lost for words.

    I'm sure you will get your new Sukka up in time
    Chag Samaech



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