Monday, 1 May 2017

Yom HaAtzmaut 2017

 It's a busy time of year in Israel. We move from remembering the soldiers who fell in protecting our precious Land to celebrating the Israeli Day of Independence known as Yom Ha'Atzmaut. It's quite a festive time. Whatever one's feelings are about when Israel gained their independence and when the Land became connected with the Jewish people. Without getting into debates, I thought I'd share a little of the fun.

First and foremost is the blue and white flags that decorate our streets. On lamp posts as seen above...

 On car windows and the backs of wing mirrors.

Even the Egged bus joins in the spirit with a flag flying proudly from the front corner near where the passengers get onto the bus. I even noticed someone had painted her finger nails with the Israeli flag. Must be a fancy stick-on something, but that is the extent of detail the Israeli's will go to in order to show their support of Midinat Yisrael as we say in Hebrew or the country of Israel. 

Most of the country will be enjoying a barbeque either tonight or tomorrow. However you spend your day, may it be with unity, enjoyment and an appreciation for meriting to be in the Holy Land of Israel.

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