Thursday 4 June 2015

Thoughts on the Plight of Olim in Israel (Guest Post)


Zev Wolf shares his thoughts with us about making Aliyah. He speaks about the struggles, and takes an honest approach to the process and considerations to take into account. He gives us a fair view of things here and gives us the opportunity to consider how we can do better at integrating more successfully into the Land of Israel. Here is what he shares:

Being an Oleh myself who made Aliyah 16 years ago and then returning to the States after 3 years only to once again journey back to Israel 10 years later I can relate to the struggles and hardships of assimilating successfully into Israeli society. In my case I have Israeli parents so grew up with the language and culture and it was and is still difficult but definitely helped.

Learn your Hebrew. However, some of the things that helped me and may help others is to remember the Sabra mentality of being closed and aloof on the outside and warm and caring on the inside. It is necessary to speak up in this country even if it is not in your nature because otherwise you will get drowned out by the masses. For better or worse that is the culture and if you remember that it will help you immensely

Don't be afraid to ask for help and speak confidently. People generally want to help and telling them your story may move them to take action but don't expect that just because you are an Oleh you are entitled. Yes, I believe as a cross section of the Israeli society we have our own unique needs and desires and those voices should be heard, so yes, we should organize peaceful rallies because we must show that we are one, united and strong. Never be complacent. Israelis are fighters and so must the Oleh if they are to integrate into the Jewish homeland.

Thanks Zev for your thoughts!

If you're thinking of making Aliyah or have already made Aliyah and have some tips, experiences or just thoughts you'd like to share with the entire world - please email us directly. We'd be delighted to add your thoughts to our blog!

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