Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Meet Prospective Clients and Customers Through Our Blog

Our blog has been steadily growing over a number of years. We have hundreds of blog posts filled with useful, practical and beneficial information for old Olim, new Olim and those considering making Aliyah. 

Our articles focus on life in Israel, how to obtain assistance, current news and much more. Our readership is increasing in an exponential manner. Many of our articles have been viewed thousands and thousands of times by people all over the world. Important articles are often viewed hundreds of times within a day or two of being posted. 

We know that you are committed to being successful in Israel and are looking for an outstanding platform to share your services and products and to reach the type of readers who visit us. Our visitors are clearly focused on good products, services and utilities in Israel. Everything which you are!

We have now opened up opportunities for you to advertise on our blog, through banner adverts, advertorial postings and adverts within previous posts / new posts.

We would like to see you succeed and wish to promote your product / service in the best possible way. Please contact us for more information.

Even better news!!!

We are offering a new webconference, networking facility for professionals wanting to share their product / service and discussing more on how we can market your product even better on our blog. Get to interact with professionals just like yourself. The networking is available for those living in Israel already, and for those outside of Israel wanting to get a clearer idea of the best ways of succeeding in their businesses when they make Aliyah. For more info, please contact us immediately. 

Support Israel!

Do you love Israel? Do you want to take part in supporting those who are building the Land in so many ways? Even if you do not have a business in Israel, we offer you the opportunity to take part in some way in this blog through your own writing and in sharing your positive messages to support Israel and those living here. To find out more about this offer, please contact us directly.

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