Sunday, 8 June 2014

Renew Your Israeli Passport - Online!

No matter where you are in the world - you'll need a passport to get around! Do you check your expiration dates of yours regularly? For those not travelling often, you might not even realise that the expiry date is approaching soon. It's always a good idea to check your important documentation regularly!

In Israel, the department that handles your passport is known as the Misrad HaPnim - משרד הפנים - or the Ministry of the Interior. It's a really busy place, and anyone who's been there knows well the aggravation encountered in having to often wait the entire morning - afternoon or even the entire day, just to see to one or two important issues of living in Israel. Some things that can be done there include arranging your Teudat Zehut - תעודת זהות - your identification document, updating details such as your address (a must when you change your address even when renting and moving regularly,) and of course arranging your passport - דרכון - and applying for a new one when the time comes.

As of today there is great news for those who need to apply for a new passport but would prefer not having to wait in line the entire day. You can now arrange for your passport ONLINE directly, fill out a basic form, make your payment immediately, and then download a form which still needs to be filled in manually and dropped off (without waiting in line) at the main office. You'll need to wait just 10 days until you receive your new passport. It makes life just that much easier!

  • For all the info you'll need about what can be done at the Misrad HaPnim, see the Misrad HaPnim website
  • For more info about the services of passport and identity documentation see this informative page here
  • For info about passports in general, including info about what must be done in the event of losing one's passport, see the main passport page
  • For info about the new biometric passport as well as regular passport renewal see the biometric passport page (with tabs to the other passports next to it.) There is currently a special offer to update one's passport for FREE if one selects the biometric passport and one's current passport is still valid for at least two years. You'll also notice that renewing one's passport during certain months brings with it a cost of ₪195, while in other months, it costs ₪280!

For a direct link to a form that will allow you to renew your passport online from A-Z, with you having to then download a form to be filled out manually and then dropping it off at the main Misrad HaPnim, see Online Passport Form

The Misrad HaPnim site and all forms are currently only available in Hebrew.

Note: You are now able to have your photograph taken directly on the premises without having to bring photos with you as was the case before.

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  1. Can someone living abroad and not located near a Misrad HaPnim apply online or do they need to bring their manually completed form to the local Israeli Consulate?

    1. Dear Anonymous

      Thank you for your question.

      I would recommend visiting the site and sending them a question.

      If you live near an Israeli consulate you can ask them too or call them and ask.

      I think this service is for those living in Israel, but I'm not an expert in this, just an Olah sharing information we have come across that might help others.

      I asked the question in a network group and someone said she had to renew a passport and lived 4 hours away from the Israeli Consulate. She was able to get something temporary for travel purposes but not a complete passport renewal.

      Best to visit the links provided in the blog post and send them a question. Do come back and share your findings so that others can benefit too.


  2. This is false. Misrad HaPnim's website states clearly that one has to go there in person to apply for a passport or a renewal as they take your photos and finger prints when doing so. One may pay online and download the form online but it will not be issued unless you go there in person to deal with it. I confirmed this when I was there on Monday.

  3. Dear Anonymous

    The post you are responding to was written in 2014. The process has changed since then. Thanks for reminding us to write a revised post.
    Actually, Misrad HaPnim prefers one to begin the process online. The cost for paying online is cheaper than in person. Once you have completed the online process, you receive a date to go into their offices in person and then there is another waiting period.
    Stay tuned for an updated post.

    Hope you managed with your passport. Do you have the new version or the old style?




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