Thursday 10 June 2010

Product Substitutes in Israel - Chocolate Substitutes for SA Chocolate

Coming from South Africa to Israel, as I'm sure is the case with arriving from any other country – one encounters a variety of new products that one is not used to. In South Africa for example (especially as the Beit Din permit milk which is not Chalav Yisrael), the variety of chocolates available is phenomenal! One can truly get used to the wonderful tastes out there! But it's not just chocolates that change. One has to get used to new chips and new condiments. Medications are different (though they perform the exact same function!) Meats and meat cuts (though the animals are the same) are packaged differently and even have different names!

Where does one turn to for help on choosing those products that have some sort of similarity – or better yet – are even better?! Of course, the best way is one's own personal trials. Sometimes you'll find yourself up against the "secret sects of Israel." These are people who, though they know the different substitutes, will not reveal the full truths – leaving you back to square one, working your way through trial and error at finding those products that have similar tastes that you were once used to.

I'd like to share my own impressions of some wonderful products I've come across in Israel. In all honesty, I've found many of these to be at the very least as good as the South African counterparts, and at best – even better! You're welcome to give them a try on your own and make your own comparisons. I do hope though that by sharing these, it will help you to see that by living in Israel, so long as one keeps one's eyes and ears open – one can find that there are indeed quality substitutes. Again, some of these are even better!

Let's look at my favourite! Chocolate! We need sweet things to help us through those moments when things just don't seem to be moving as they should. 

Here are some chocolates I remember back in SA, and the substitutes I've found. You're welcome to send me your own feedback and your own comparisons.

Tex: Don't feel bad, you can get Psak Zman (Time-Out) here! Recently they came out with a 60% cocoa version which I must say more than makes up for any taste of Tex I could ever remember!

Kit Kat: Memories! In Israel you can enjoy Kif Keif (Fun-Fun). It looks almost identical and really tastes good enough to make one forget the good old times!

Flake: Now here's a product those who've eaten it can't forget! In Israel you can get Mekupelet (Folded Over.) It looks the same, has a "similar" taste though it lacks the crumble effect the original Flake has!

Did you know that in Israel you can get some of the most wonderful tasting Swiss chocolates – with some of the best Hechsheirim in the world?! If you're looking for quality chocolates, you won't go hungry in Israel with the variety of Rosemary flavours available. They're not cheap (at around 10 shekel a slab) – but purchasing these same products in SA at Pesach time can cost more than R30 a slab! You've got a big win here!

Then of course there's Torino. I don't know how one compares the taste of this chocolate, but being another Swiss chocolate, you won't be disappointed!

Incidentally, all the above chocolates are Chalav Yisroel – meaning that the milking was supervised by a Jew and obtained the highest standards of Kashrut!

One of the really great things in Israel is the availability of Parev chocolates – those that do not contain milk – which means you'll be able to always enjoy a sweet taste after your meals. I remember at one stage that Beacon in SA came out with a special Pesach edition of Parev chocolates which was terrific! In Israel you won't lose out on Parev chocolates with the assortment of tasty chocolates available. Elite produce a pretty good slab, and have recently introduced a 60% cocoa version which is simply irresistible!

We've taken a look at some chocolate substitutes for today. It should be enough to keep you excited about the availability of sweet things in Israel – and to know that you won't be losing out in the world of sweets!

Do you love Swiss chocolates? Did you know that they're easily available in Israel too? If you've had difficulty finding them, contact us directly, and we'll point you in the right direction!

In further posts, we'll take a look at medications, condiments, juices, chips, beverages, coffees, biscuits, meats (and cuts) and much more! So stay tuned. If you're wondering about the substitutes of a product you are used to in SA, do email us and ask about it. We would love to work on finding out more as to what is most similar – if not better – and to let you know that there are some great products in Israel.

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