Friday, 30 October 2009

Advice for Olim from a Native Israeli

If one looks at the history of the Jewish people, there are several times in which we became exiled from the Land of Israel, predominantly surrounding the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash (Temple). There were however some Jews who never left the Land.

Just recently while talking to an Israeli, (perhaps we should say native Israeli as in a jew born in Israel) the conversation turned to how many generations his family has been in Israel. It was wonderful to hear his family has always been in the Land of Israel.

When asked what advice he could give to Olim Chadashim so that they can be successful in settling in Israel and staying here, he had the following to share.

"Being able to live in Israel requires 3 things:
- Know that Israel is our home הארץ היא הבית שלנו - the land and home for Jews.
- Have Emunah (faith) that Hashem (G-d) will take care of you and depend only on Him
- Have patience (Savlanut - סבלנות) especially when you encounter difficulties, have patience that it will work out.

Later on he added another piece of advice, connected to the above. If things do get difficult, don't get tempted by the other nations or other countries. Just look to Hashem (G-d) and put in your effort to find a solution within Israel. If you are not tempted to leave, you are forced to find a solution here, in our Land.

Lastly he said it is important to find a rabbi who believes in the importance of settling the Land of Israel.

As they say in Israel, Hatzlachah הצלחה You should be successful and have an easy integration back into Israel.

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