Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Our Prayer Project - To Increase Unity and Successful Klita

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We read in the Chumash, that when the Spies came to check out the Land, two of them were protected from talking negatively or falling into believing falsely what their eyes saw, ie "that life in Eretz Yisrael would be impossible and it is better to remain outside of the land." One of these was Kalev ben Yefune and his key to protection while scouting out the Land was to go and daven at Maharas HaMachpela that the merit of the Avos and Imaos protect him. For Kalev it worked, as we read further in the Chumash.

If you are considering making aliya or have already made aliya but are living in an area of Eretz Yisrael that makes it difficult to get to Maharas HaMachpela, we are offering a special Prayer Project. Send us your Hebrew name together with a donation of US$ 18 per name submitted. In return we will say a personal tefillah and recite some Tehillim, in the merit of names submitted, at Maharas HaMachpela.

If you would like a personalized package of either a 40 day cycle of davening on your behalf carried out by a Torah scholar / rabbi and his wife together with visiting various Kivrei Tzaddikim on your behalf, please do send us an email.

Please note: No-one can ever guarantee the type of outcome or a visible response to the tefillos. Our Prayer Project is aimed at creating a positive partnership to increase goodness and kindness amongst all of the Jewish people. On our side we wish to increase in all of the projects we are involved in and to create opportunities for others to be able to live in Israel and earn an income doing what they enjoy and are skilled at, while still being attached to true Torah values and a Torah lifestyle. On your side, through your contribution to our projects, through increasing in your act of goodness and kindness, you bring yourself to be more meritorious and deserving of blessing. Together, this project of UNITY brings blessing to us all.

Maaser money can be used for this.

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