Thursday, 24 September 2015

What Kind of Water do You Drink in Israel?

I recently treated a patient who had difficulty deciding what kind of water to drink in Israel. With the heat we have been experiencing, I decided to ask in 3 different FaceBook groups what kind of water people prefer to drink in Israel and why. Here are some of the results:

114 responded that they drink regular tap water
73 responded that they drink filtered water
45 responded that they drink mineral water
2 responded that they drink bottle water
2 responded that they drink Soda Water
3 responded that they drink: tap water, bottled water, whatever is on sale

Among the comments that gave a bit more insight, we received the following responses:

- One person said she used a filter situated after the water meter. When asked if this was removable for those who rent she said that it's not worth removing when move.

- Some use a Brita and some a Dafi Jug. For the Dafi jug, one can purchase 3 filters for NIS 60, with one filter lasting about a month. The person to give this info was not able to quantify how many litres were used in a month, obviously this would depend on how many people drink the water from the same Dafi jug in the month. 

- Someone stated that she uses Reverse Osmosis Filter which is removable. 

- One said she purchased a filter from a Home Place store  for NIS 300. While another said she found using Electra Bar was preferable as it gives boiling or cold water at NIS99 a month.

- Two mentioned using Tami 4, but did not clarify what this is. 

- Someone reminded the group that the water in Israel is hard water and high in high in calcium and other minerals, this is the reason for the sediment that forms in kettles and the need to filter the water. 

Some complained about the taste of the tap water and it became evident that there are a number of different water supplies which seems to affect the taste of the water. These include: Tzfat, Kineret, Springs in Gilboa, which is checked every 2 weeks, Spring in Nachal Kziv

- For filtered water from the tap, we had a few options offered. One stated that she uses "this spout installed at my sink & it has a filter attached under the sink that they come to change every 6 months. I opted to pay for the insurance as it covers changing the filter twice a year and if I move they will move it for me and reinstall for free. here is the link for what it looks like."

Another said she paid 700 shekels for my under the counter filter with the spout and I pay 39 NIS a month for the insurance which covers the filters being changed twice a year. With the amount of water we drink it 1) it was far better than having to carry up those 6 packs of big water bottles every shopping and 2) the amount I was spending on the bottles turned out to be the same as putting in this filter.

A third said that the under counter filter costs about NIS 600 to install. Filter needs to be replaced once a year at a cost of NIS 100. It is recommended have a plumber install it. 

The mini survey raised a few other questions which we still have to address. In the meantime, we'd love to hear from you. What do you drink when in Israel and why? Please share your preference.

In this heat, remember to drink enough fluids to keep yourself hydrated together with a balanced diet. The fluid intake does need to include water.

This blogpost is prepared for you by 
Shoshanah Shear


  1. Interesting poll and interesting results! I'm sure we'd all like to see a taste test done of water samples from across the country - be them tap, filtered and bottled.
    In Ma'alot we have delicious spring water from the nearby Nachal Kziv.

    1. Thank you for your input and your interesting idea. Yes a taste test would be an excellent idea, along with knowing more about the content of the different waters.

  2. I use the British Berkfeld gravity filter, as it can even get rid of fluoride, which most filters cannot handle. Yohanan, Modiin

    1. Thank you for sharing Yohanan. Good to know there is a filter to get rid of flouride. What else does it filter out?



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