Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Get Exposure - Sell Yourself With a Simple Attractive Webpage!

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If you're new to living in Israel, having just made Aliyah, or even if you've been here for some time, you might want to increase your exposure of the business you're involved in. Hiring a professional skilled in all areas of website design to design a website for you with all the bells and whistles sounds wonderful, but it can also be expensive. To add to this, you might find yourself wanting to add things on your own at later stages down the line and find that the coding is so overwhelming that you don't know where to begin.

EverythingAliyah and WelcomingOlim are now offering a special service for Olim Chadashim as well as all others interested in getting a positive web presence for the world to see!

We will design an essential one-page website which will include your most important information on it. You'll get to have all the contact information you need as well as present yourself in a professional manner to all your prospective clients. If you like the type of look of this website, we will design something similar for you. While we won't be including all the bells and whistles, we will include the information you provide which you consider to be essential for the page. 

We'll need to discuss your most basic needs together, and provided they fit into the category of a simple webpage, we will include all this information.
What you'll get:
  1. A simple, attractive and clean design
  2. A page that includes your most essential information. (We can discuss what we feel is most important together).
  3. A page that includes a contact form or an easy way to contact you
  4. A page that is easily editable by yourself should you wish to change or add to it any time!
  5. A page that is easy to navigate for all those visiting your site
  6. We allow you to include up to three testimonials. Thereafter it's up to you to add as many others as you wish
  7. We'll discuss your "call to action" so that we know exactly where we are going
  8. We'll do the best to recommend a secure hosting company (see below)
  9. A site that is friendly and open for the type of visitors and clients you are targeting
What you will have to decide and how we can work from there:
  1. A website platform. Currently, we offer Wordpress and Weebly
  2. Weebly will provide you a free page with a temporary website address which you can change if you are prepared to purchase a domain name
  3. Wordpress will require you to select your own domain name before beginning and register it. Don't worry - we will register your site for you (at your expense)
  4. You will need to pay for hosting. We will recommend a company - but payment each month is for you
Additions not included in the deal - but valuable!
  1. Opportunity to learn one-on-one through Skype or in-person how to update your site yourself - or even how to do your site from start to finish!
  2. How you can better add to your site by creating a blog. This service is offered for those who might like a blog-site only, as well as those with a site that includes a blog
We are offering a current special of just ₪450 for the time involved in the registration of your domain name (excluding the cost of the registration - depending on your need for a one year/two year/ three year etc. choice) and basic site setup as indicated in this post.
For more information or to discuss your needs, please contact us.

Our current special expires 6 June 2018 - but please be in touch with us any time to confirm our current price.

We look forward to designing something that will assist you in getting your name better known in Israel and all around the world! We want your site to help you to succeed!

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