Thursday, 27 May 2010

Air Pollution in Israel Today

Sitting in our apartment in Beitar Illit today, we have been "attacked" by the terrible air pollution that has blown through via central and Southern Jerusalem today. The sudden change in high temperatures, the mild rain and haze have caused tremendous air pollution today.

Pregnant women and people suffering from heart and lung problems should do their best to stay far from this type of weather which comes through every now and again. In addition, these people in particular should know that it is not a time to be involved in any heavy or stressful exercise of any kind.

The pollution has caused sand and dust to fly through the air. The air becomes thick and one can literally get to feel the particles of dust, as well as see them settle on books lying on tables. It is a great idea to keep windows closed.

It seems that the temperature will settle down later in the evening and be warmer (though not excessively so) over Shabbat. But don't hold out... Sunday may bring some further hot weather. 

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