Sunday, 23 May 2010

Making a Wedding in Yerushalayim? Part 2

The author of Dvar B'Ito, Rabbi Mordechai Genuth writes in today's diary "Happy is the one who does away with the speaker at the wedding, so everyone can speak to his fellow man, to wish him well" He describes a technique to be instituted at weddings in Israel that will enhance Ahavas Yisrael, respect for ones fellow Jew, improved communication and interaction. His recipe for success in these areas lies in lowering the volume of music played at weddings, turning off the speakers so that one just hears the musical instruments. In this way there will be a soft, musical background that permits those attending the wedding to communicate without having to shout. It allows those coming to increase joy for the Chatan and Kallah to enjoy themselves without having their ear drums affected or even deafened by music that ceases to be music due to the high volume from the speakers.

This advice is in keeping with the ban of bands at weddings in Jerusalem, reinforcing care for ones fellow Jew and how this care, love and respect fosters good relationships and blessing. 

As the Rabbi Genuth points out, in todays time everyone is searching for all kinds of segulos to prevent distress and harm. Instead of searching for all these Segulos, why not become a segula to G-d by not distressing everyone with blaring music that destroys hearing, try using this to increase sensitivity to your fellow Jew and certainly after 11.30 pm

Lastly he recommends to anyone who goes to Yerushalayim to go to a wedding, that they should take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Western Wall and in this way you increase the Mitzvah of attending a Simchah in Yerushalayim by also remembering the Kotel and obviously the as yet, unbuild Temple for which we mourn daily. 

Dvar B'Ito can be obtained through our website or by contacting Rabbi Eliyahu Shear

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