Sunday, 20 June 2010

How to Fix Israeli Shutters (Trissim) - Part 1

If you're new to Israel – the word Tris will already be a familiar one. Plural – Trisim, refers to those "wonderful" Israeli shutters that come standard on every apartment. Granted, they may not look as fancy as those shown in the picture of this post, but they seem to do the job…

If you've lived in your apartment for more than six months, you'll also know that those shutters can start wearing out. In fact, there are many tenants that will be shouted at and insulted at the moment they break (a perfectly normal thing to happen!) For those not too "good with their hands" – you may find yourself with a headache on your hands!

This is how it all works, and what you need to know about Trisim:

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