Wednesday, 16 June 2010

WIN: Your Chance to Win Free Advertising on This Blog!

If you are a South African who values the Land of Israel and values those South Africans who make the decision to live in Israel – then we have a special offer for you.

We are committed to sharing information via our blogs and web sites for the entire purpose of uniting South Africans who are thinking of making Aliyah or who have already made Aliyah.

Thousands have already benefited from reading the articles posted on our blogs, have made new contacts, new friends, received assistance and have gained in finding out invaluable information about living in Israel.

If these are the type of people you want to attract to your business, then do email Shoshanah or Eliyahu with a brief description of your business and any support that you may wish to offer Olim at this stage or in the future.

You'll notice a graphic image on the top right side of our Welcoming Olim Blog stating "Your Advert Here." We are offering the first FOUR lucky businesses replying to this, the opportunity to advertise in this space for one week free of charge! 

Businesses must:
  • Be owned by a South African Jew (living in SA or Israel)
  • Conform to Torah law
  • Supply own graphic with link to email / web site
  • Share a brief statement indicating their support to those taking the challenge to live in Israel
  • Share their impressions regarding the blog and networking Ning.
  • Be prepared to have these impressions posted as part of a blog post (whether they win or not)
  • Must be a member of the South Africans in Israel Ning
  • Must be a member of the South Africans in Israel Job Exchange Yahoo group
Best entry receives an additional week free advertising!

Competition ends 23 June 2010.

Take a part in the next biggest venture in networking South Africans in Israel. Make your company a part of this project and show your support for Israel and for those courageous enough to make the move, settle the land and pave the way for future South African Jews to be able to make Aliyah with ease and success!

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