Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tip for Professional Olim

When sending in forms to the various governmental offices, from time to time we are suddenly requested to update a certificate. An example is a few years ago, a new law was passed necessitating certain health professionals to submit their certificate / license and obtain a new one.

When applying for the new certificate, many will advise you to just send it in and that it is not necessary to keep a copy. 

TIP: Make a copy anyway. If you can have it notorised too, so much the better. 

Recently there was a fire in the Misrad HaBriyut in Jerusalem and a number of files have been burned. In order to put files together, if yours was one of those burned, Misrad HaBriyut will ask you to submit a photocopy of all previous certificates. Having this copy will become invaluable to rememdy an unforeseen difficulty.


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