Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Kindness of Israel

One of the amazing things about Israel is all the Gemachim that are avaiable. Do you know what a Gemach is? The word Gemach - in Hebrew גמ"ח - is the Roshei Teivot (acronym) for Gemilut Chassadim - Acts of Kindness.

A wonderful way to improve your Klita, absorption into life in Israel is to begin your own Gemach. If you would like ideas as to how to select the Gemach that is appropriate to you, please book a session with Rabbi Eliyahu and or Shoshanah Shear and we would be happy to assist. Sessions are by appointment and are professional.

If you would like to contribute to our Gemach, take a look at the photograph above of a few items that have recently come into our Bayit Chadash Gemach - in order to get some ideas of what you too can give. Our Gemach is all about assisting orphans and Olim with no family support to set up their new home at the time of getting married. Currently we have two couples we are assisting. 

The weddings are on 29 Kislev and 2 Tevet. That is just 2 weeks away.

Please make a donation to help build these new homes. Please don't leave these couples returning home to an empty room with only a few pillows or a set of sheets and the few gifts slowly trickling in. 

Anyone wanting another option? Purchase a lovely gift from our online store and a percentage goes to assist these and other Kallot.

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