Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shabbos is Coming

This week 2 December 2011 and next week 9 December 2011, candle lighting in Jerusalem for Shabbat will be the earliest it gets during winter time. This will be 15h55 or 3.55 p.m. From the 16th of December the candle lighting time begins to gradually go later, beginning with 15h57 or 3.57 p.m. Please note these times are according to For those who prefer to follow the times set out in Devar Be'Ito, this week and next will be 16h00 or 4 pm instead of 5 minutes earlier as states.

If you light earlier, let it be a blessing but make sure not to light earlier than Plug HaMinchah which for Jerusalem this week will be 15h36 or 3.36 p.m. 

Please check your calendar to make absoutely sure or ask your local Orthodox Rabbi to clarrify the correct candle lighting time.

Please note, times for Tel Aviv, Haifa and elsewhere are not the same as for Jerusalem even though we are in a small country.

Enjoy the shorter Fridays if you do. Keep warm and keep up your Tefillos for rain. We still have a few months of winter and the Kineret is no where near the level of water that is needed.

Have a wonderful day


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