Monday, 9 July 2012

Five Tips for Preparing Your Move

Guest post by Galit Mador

If you are moving to Israel soon, you may want to prepare in advance … here are 5 tips for you: 

As one who experienced the move back to Israel after 8 years in the US, even as an Israeli family, it is a challenging process in many ways. Beyond the technical tasks that need to be taken care of, there are few critical factors to consider:

1. Plan for at least two years of acclimation. It actually takes more time…

2. Where to live: look for a community with a similar background, ages etc. to yours. This community will likely offer services that you and your family need, such as English Speaker class at school, English library and such. Above and beyond, you will find a common language with them which will make you feel at home.

3. Where to work: look for a local job in Israel as soon as possible, avoid working remotely. Again, belong…

4. Become an active part of the community: for example: sign up for sport club, volunteer to some group that you care for (at school, safety related or such). This will greatly help you connect with your new community, to make new friends.

5. Consider professional assistance throughout your moving process. It can be related to a specific need that you have identified such as finding a suitable job or taking language lessons etc. However, if you feel confused or unhappy, get a professional coach or an advisor to consult with. Sometimes only few personal meetings may guide and motivate you in moving forward towards your goals.

I wish you a smooth and soft landing!

Galit Mador

Professional Certified Coach

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