Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Continuation of the Moving Saga

They say all beginnings are hard. That is what many delighted in telling me when I first made Aliyah. Well, I'm no longer new to Israel just newly back in Jerusalem. Is that another beginning? Perhaps it is!

Yesterday I posted about our disastrous move, it seems the saga is continuing. I wanted to prepare something to eat in the kitchen and suddenly heard a crash. I opened the cupboard to discover the shelf I had placed the remainder of a set of dishes on had fallen and all the dishes too. Oh dear, this is turning out to be quite an ongoing ordeal.

Please help us to replace all the broken, lost, damaged items and the time lost in trying to sort this all out. We will have to make some changes to some of our work, but are so looking forward to getting back to working, living, having some kind of order in our lives. Please visit our fundraiser, share the link and help us to continue. 

Ironically, I've been reading the section of Tanach that covers the life of Yirmiyahu the Prophet. The book is full of Hashem's anger at how Am Yisrael turned against the ways of Hashem and did everything but what He wanted, especially in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. I definitely feel the need for Yerushalayim to be re-built. Please join us in developing a very special Torah Centre, it is so needed in Yerushalayim. We look forward to being able to share Torah from Yerushalayim, we need your help to get over these hurdles and to concentrate on increasing Torah and Chessed.

Thank you to everyone who cares enough to assist. This is not just our struggle, there are very many who depend on our work and efforts.

Have a blessed day.

Shoshanah Shear

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