Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Mortgage in Israel

The following post is an excerpt of an article written for us by Avraham Mahler for our next issue of "Yibaneh Yerushalayim."

Purchasing a home in Israel can be a very expensive and complicated process. Naturally, everyone wants to keep buying costs to a minimum. One small mistake in your mortgage process, however, can cost tens of thousands of Shekels over the length of the loan. We at Mortgage Israel use our experience to match each customer with the mortgage that fits best for their specific financial circumstances. It is our primary concern that each customer receives the attention and service necessary to obtain the best terms possible and eliminate the stress involved with acquiring a new property. 

Please contact Avraham for your free consultation at 052 734 6327
or amahler@mortgageisrael.com.

We'd love to feature your advert too. Place an advert with us in our magazine and you stand to be featured in our blog and possibly our newsletter as well. If you have a service related to Jewish weddings in Israel, setting up a new home in Israel, real estate, travel, touring in Israel, please be in touch to advertise in our magazine. 

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