Thursday, 20 November 2014

Connections and Aliyah Tips - Helping One Another

I have so many thoughts racing round my head right now. I have some posts to put on Aliyah tips but while preparing those, our life was interrupted by a horrible, horrible tragedy. What do those two topics have to do with the image at the start of this post? Well the image is of a large group, gathered together. Different heights, different sizes, different clothing but together in a group.

On Tuesday of this week, I received an email to please Daven for two of the injured from a horrible attack.  They were the first two names she had heard of. Having worked in poly trauma in a large teaching hospital, I asked how they were. The question lead to some discussion at the end of which she showed interest in our Bayit Chadash Gemach, assisting orphans at the time of getting married. Not much time transpired when she emailed back that the wife of one of the injured whose names she'd given me requested for donations to be made to Hachnasat Kallah in the merit of a Refuah for her husband. I was awaiting some final info on our latest two orphans but set to work for an hour, dedicating that time to the Refuah of those injured.

The next morning I received a phone call from someone who lives in my area. He is a friend of the man and asked to make a small donation. We spoke a bit and a little later I went over to his home to meet his wife and explain about the work we do. She explained that they had a double interest, 1) merit for her husband's friend of 25 years and 2) for success in assisting a friend's son who is coming to Chuppah. We spoke a little and I found myself asking "is your friends son in x part of the Gush and marrying the beginning of Chanukah?"

Lo and behold, she is the best friend of the Chatan's late mother and is able to help us obtain the final information to assist him with items for his new home. Touched by the connection she was very grateful to be participating in what we are doing.

This morning I received an email from someone with a new item to donate. It turns out she is a co-worker of the wife of the same man, fighting for his life in a hospital in Jerusalem. 

With each interaction, another piece of the puzzle comes together. Another member of the group. Another reminder that the Jewish Nation is ONE big family. It is time for us to unite. It is time for us to drop our disagreements and stick together because when Am Yisrael is united, nothing can touch us. Not only are we strong together but our united merit was strong enough to enable us to receive the Torah and will be the key factor to help us merit Moshiach. 

So let us link this post to my series I was going to post and begin by saying, if you are in the process of making Aliyah, if you have already made Aliyah or if you are considering doing so, my first tip is remember Am Yisrael is one big family. If you come on your own, you are not alone, you are coming to your big family. If anyone upsets you, remember they are your relatives and smile, be kind to them and you will be surprised how the kindness leads to another kindness and another connection. And if you have not yet considered making Aliyah, come home. We need you. We need every Jew united together in ONE huge family portrait.

Please Daven for a Refuah for the following, injured in the attack.

Eytan Ben Sarah
Avraham Shmuel Ben Shaina
Shmuel Yerucham Ben Baila (I think this is Rebbetzin Heller's son-in-law)
Chayim Yechiel Ben Malka (in a medically induced coma with severe injuries. His wife requests donating to Hachnasat Kallah in his merit and listed our Gemach as one to give to)
Yakir ben Galit

Yitzchak ben Chaya
Moshe ben Sara

For those wanting to contribute to our latest two orphans, please be in touch ASAP. 

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