Thursday, 27 November 2014

Does Israel Have an Allergy to Windows?

Can you see the image above? The building is in the process of having another floor added. You can see the pieces of wood stacked on the Mirpeset (balcony) on the end of one floor down. These pieces of wood make up the wall, with a layer of concrete and of course the stone facade.

Take a look at the top floor. Can you see the tiny window on the left and a large section of wall space with no windows? This wall space is actually one apartment. Can anyone explain to me what the resistance is to windows in Israel? Why not put in two wide windows or three if they will fit? 

If you take a look at the other walls visible here, windows are quite narrow compared to the wall space available.  This is something very common to see in most buildings I walk past, it is not isolated to the one we happened to photograph.

The way the walls are built, the walls can not breathe, at least I cant work out how they do. Many apartments do not have adequate ventilation.

Do you know that having sufficient oxygen intake is crucial for ones health, concentration and general functioning?

This blog post is prepared for you by Shoshanah Shear
Currently a Puzzled Occupational Therapist. Puzzled because home modification is a specialization of my profession. Health and wellness is a major area and one I work in. The environment has an important role to play in our daily functioning, health and wellness.

It would be wonderful to see an increased respect for health by those designing and building in Israel.

My late grandfather (who was a civil engineer) had a professor who taught the engineers that unless one considers who will be living in a building, you have missed out on the majority of the design. Apartments are for human beings to live in and people need to breathe. One of the best ways to have sufficient airflow is with adequate windows.

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