Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Touching Moment in Israel

While many try to find fault in Israel, a recent newspaper article highlights the kindness and the incredible heart of Israel. A unity that is unshakable. Many traumas and tragedies have befallen the Jewish Nation through the years. One such tragedy robbed a little 6- month- old baby of her mother. 

The loss of a parent is something most can not understand. The pain at growing up without the loving guidance of a parent is something hard to describe. Today, an Israeli joined the IDF, just as thousands do. But for her there was no mother to see her off. No mother to give her a kind word and pray for her safe return. 

Shani was a 6 month old baby when her mother was killed by a suicide bomber. The touching story of her coming to sign up for the I.D.F is featured in YNetNews. The touching part is not that she signed up, but that the policewoman who carried baby Shani to safety has stayed in touch. To the policewoman it was not enough to carry baby Shani to safety, she stayed in touch all the years and was there to see her off as Shani begins a new phase of her life.

The dedication and care of one Jew to another. One Israel to another is what makes living in Israel so very special and gives us the strength to continue, together.

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