Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Storm Begins in Israel

It's has been a flurry of excitement the last few days in Israel as we prepare for a snow storm. Snow is predicted for today and for Friday. The stores have been filled with shoppers stocking up not for a Chag but for potential snow. As Wednesday dawned, many ran to their windows to see if the snow had arrived.

An hour ago, just before 13h00, I spoke to a friend in Yerushalayim who was disappointed that it was not even raining yet.

As the anticipation increases, the rain is certainly falling where we are just outside of Yerushalayim and even some thunder. It's snowing in Tzfat already, there's talk of snow in Kiryat Arba and now, the hail is falling and starting to settle. The area around the playground seen in the picture above, has become a thin layer of ice. If you have children, make sure your strollers and bicycles are safely in doors. Looks like the storm is beginning. better to protect your property than have it coated with snow for a few days which could lead to rust.

Certain roads are already closed and buses are coming to a stop. It's time to stay warm indoors. 

Stay tuned, if snow does in deed begin to fall, we hope to post more pictures.

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